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It's our love of photography that let's us see normal things in an extraordinary way.

We're all ready for Summer!

Enjoy your summer.

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Photo of the Month for the Year.

Selections are now OPEN for the Photo of the Month for the Year.
Thanks for your votes! 

TCCC Members go to the Photo of the Month page to make your selections of one (1) Color and one (1) Black and White photo from all of the Monthly Winners. 

Send your picks to

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Free Upgrades...


Don't forget the free upgrade to Windows 10 will end July 29th.

Just did two (2) of my machines and other than being a long
process, everything seems to be working okay.



Steve Campbell told me that Photomatix Essentials version 4.1 is now available for download.  This update adds a Crop Tool, resizing options, an improved workflow for loading single photos, and support for the RAW files from some recent camera models.  You can upgrade to Photomatix Essentials 4.1 by downloading it from here:


Dennis Hafer tells me that Topaz Impression 2 Update is ready for downloading.  Get it here:

Read the article about the new requirements, etc. here before downloading.


The upgrades are free of charge for all customers who purchased an earlier version of the software.


HP Photo Contest Winners
 are TCCC Members.

Ron Bonczkowski - Delaney

Ron Bonczkowski won First Place in The Herald-Palladium's inaugural Amateur Photography Contest held at the Senior Expo at Lake Michigan College.  His Winning photo is of his great-grand-daughter Delaney Cerecke blowing on a cup of hot cocoa last fall.  Delaney is a first-grader at Roosevelt Elementary in Stevensville.

Ron said it was last fall during the grape harvest at his daughter's farm on Linco road.  It was kind of cold so we had hot cocoa and my Great Grand-daughter Delaney was blowing on her cup when I took a point and shoot picture with the same old Nikon with 105 mm zoom lens, on auto, ISO 200

Ron said he won two (2) tickets to the PGA golf outing and took Dick Lyon with him on Tuesday (only day for cameras ) for the Pro-Am Golf match.


Edward Wasik - LeGrande Teton

Ed Wasik won Second Place during The Herald-Palladium's inaugural Amateur Photography Contest.  Ed said he won a photo frame that would hold nine (9) 4 X 6 photo's, a metal frame holder and a small 4 X 6 photo album.

Ed said he took the photo on a trip to the Grand Teton National Park over a year ago.
Canon EOS 40D, Exposure 2 sec. f-8, ISO 100, 18 mm lens.

Ed said the image received an Honor as a Color Print in the June 2015 TCCC Print Competition.

Congratulations to you both. 
The photos were published in The Herald-Palladium on Friday May 20, 2016


Box Factory for the Arts

Michiana Annual Art Competition (MAAC)

Photography Merit Award Winner

sponsored by

Twin City Camera Club

Jim Thompson "Hastings Bank"

Former TCCC Member Jim Thompson received our Photography Merit Award, for his Black & White infra-red photograph of the old Hastings Mutual Building (Bank) and Clock in the Historic Village portion of the Historic Charlton Park, in Hastings, MI.

TCCC Members Dennis Hafer, Ted Post and Tom McCall were the judges for the Twin City Camera Club sponsored Merit Award for Photography, included in the Michiana Annual Art Competition (MAAC) that runs from June 17th to August 13th. at the Box Factory for the Arts.

The MAAC is a multi-media competition open to residents of Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana and members of the Berrien Artist Guild.  Entrants may submit up to three works of art which must be original in concept and execution, created in the last two years, not completed under instruction, and not previously exhibited at the Box Factory the Arts.

Visit for more information

*Please excuse the reflections on the glass of the photo, it was framed and taken with a point & shoot camera inside of the Box Factory for the Arts...


Share your Love of Photography

We Do !


TCCC 2015 - 16 Programs

Links to the 2015 - 16 Program Presenter's websites are on the Program Information page.



***Special Announcement***

NOTICE:  Due to a problem with the Honor Photography Galleries, on January 20, 2016 they were uninstalled.  Access to any of the old Galleries is NO longer available.

All of the 2015 - 2016 Honor images are now available on the new Honor pages.



Photo of the Month

Selected by the TCCC Members


June 2016 Photos


Black & White

Tom McCall - Mega Watts

On August the 2nd. 2006, around 10:45 pm. I was driving around the city of St. Joseph, taking photos of neon lights from my van, when a storm with some pretty good lightning came across the lake.  I drove out on Old Lakeshore Road and parked in an area with a good view of the lake and storm.  It was raining pretty hard so I set up the camera (Canon EOS 20D) on a tripod between the front seats and took the photos out through the right side window, trying to capture the lightning.  With the camera set up that way, it limited the field of view but provided protection from the storm and the rain.  The storm made the night very dark, so for this photo I had the camera set on manual and bulb, so I could keep the shutter open for a long exposure.  This exposure was 52 seconds at f32 and an ISO of 1600.  I was using a Canon 75 - 300mm zoom set at 85mm.  It was so dark I was just keeping the shutter open waiting for a flash of lightning and then I would close the shutter, hoping I had captured something good.  Some of the time the exposures were so long I would have to close the shutter without getting anything except the dark sky.  When this bolt of lightning struck it was really large and the crack of the thunder afterwards, sounded like a bomb went off next to my van.  It was very startling so I didn't get to look and see what I had captured until I returned home much later.  I found that I had gotten lucky on this one because on almost all of the other 30 photos that I took that night in about 27 minutes, the lightning was out of the field of view. 

Post processing was in Photoshop CS6 and Perfect Effects 9.5 by onOne Software.  Thanks for your votes.      



Spencer Hughes - Beach Chairs

We'll have to give Spencer some time to provide his story, I just sent him an email telling him that his image was the winner and I normally don't post these so soon but I wanted them included in the Photo of the Month for the Year selections.



Photo of the Month Selections for the Year.

Selections are now OPEN for the Photo of the Month for the Year.
Thanks for your votes! 

TCCC Members go to the Photo of the Month page to make your selections of one (1) Color and one (1) Black and White photo from all of the Monthly Winners. 

Send your picks to

Thank You!



Photo of the Month

Selections are now CLOSED for the June Photo of the Month.  The June
Honors are on the current
page.  Select One (1) Black & White and One (1) Color photo and get your votes in...  Send your picks to:

 Thank You for your votes!


Photo of the Month

These photos are special, because they are chosen by the TCCC members themselves.
Starting with March 2013, we began asking the members to select what they consider the best "Photo of the Month", a Color and a Black and White photograph, chosen from the Prints and Digital Slides that were judged to be Honors in the monthly competitions.

Which one would you pick?

Go to the Monthly Honors page and see which ones you would pick as the best, would these be your selections?

Use this link:     Current

To see all of the current Season Photo of the Month selections go to the "Photo of the Month" and for Photos prior to the 2015 - 2016 Season go to the "Photo of the Month Archives" page.



SWMCCC Summer Weekend of Photography and Digital Imaging 2016

SWMCCC Summer Weekend of Photography and Digital Imaging for 2016 runs from July 28th through Sunday July 31st.


For more information and links for registration see the SWMCCC NEWS page.


The North pier lighthouse rehabilitation is completed.

North Pier is now OPEN to the public.

The work is said to be completed and they are now conducting tours of the lighthouses.


This photo was taken on July 31, 2015, by Tom McCall, at the start of the construction.


This photo shows the work nearly completed on April 24, 2016.


Let's see what they look like now...

All of the following photos were taken on June 3, 2016

 The fencing and construction equipment is gone.  The catwalk is freshly painted and mid-way
down the catwalk you can see electrical conduit come up out of the pavement and is fastened to the
catwalk structure out to the inner lighthouse. 

The inner lighthouse now has visible windows and they've added a large smoke stack.

The inner lighthouse looks good in it's new paint.

A tour group is seen entering the inner lighthouse.


The people now have access to the upper levels and you can
see that the wooden planks that were part of the catwalk have not been replaced.

You can see another new addition on the West side of the inner lighthouse,
there is now what appears to be some type of large whistle looking device.
Maybe it's fog signaling device.  It used to have Two (2) fog horns above the whistle device, in the white area near the porthole, that were removed some years ago.  I took photographs of it during the 1960's that you can see the fog horns.  They were really loud, I could hear them 3 miles away.

The outer lighthouse looks good and appears to have been straightened during the restoration project.
It had a little bit of a lean to it before the construction and now it looks straight.


Here they're showing the tour group the lantern room at the top of the inner lighthouse. 
The Fresnel lenses have been removed from both of the lighthouses.

 The Heritage Museum & Cultural Center is now offering scheduled public St. Joe Lighthouse Tours this summer.  Contact the Heritage Museum & Cultural Center at (269) 983-1191.  Or go online to or for more information.


Check the City of St Joseph website

We support the Lighthouse Forever Fund


Twin City Camera Club's 2016 - 17 and 2017 - 18  Select Subjects

On March 7th. the TCCC Board approved the Select Subjects for the next two (2) Competition Seasons.

We want to express our thanks to all of the members that attended the Annual Business meeting and for their assistance in developing the Select Subjects.  We hope you enjoy searching out and photographing them and we wish you all the very best in the upcoming competitions. 

Be sure to read the Descriptions so that your entries comply with the requirements of the Select Subjects.

 Select Subjects for 2016 - 17

 Select Subjects for 2017 - 18


Select Subjects 2016 - 2017 Competition Season
OCTOBER – Barriers
NOVEMBER – Shadows
DECEMBER – Food & Drink
JANUARY – Creative
FEBRUARY – Blue/ B&W Angles
MARCH – Smoke/Fog/Mist
APRIL – Floating Things
MAY – Song Titles
JUNE – Nature

Select Subjects 2017 - 2018 Competition Season
SEPTEMBER – Churches
OCTOBER – Close-up/Macro
NOVEMBER – Long Exposure 2 seconds or more
DECEMBER – Graveyards
JANUARY – Creative
FEBRUARY – Red/ B&W Patterns
MARCH – Festivals
APRIL– Below the Knee
MAY – Portraits
JUNE – Nature


We plan on having workshops to assist the members in developing their skills to better prepare themselves in photographing some of the Select Subjects.  So please let us know which ones you would like us to cover.


If you have questions or need clarification on any of the Select Subjects, please call me.  269-983-5986




Please email the information about Activities or Events that could be announced here.

Thanks,  webmaster.


Keep those shutters clicking!




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