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Monday September 14th

Twin City Camera Club
Welcomes you to our 82nd. Competition Season

Join us at 7:30 pm. as we start the 2015 - 2016 Competition Season with the Select Subjects for color “Yellow” and for black & white “Leading Lines.”  


Berrien County Youth Fair Winner

TCCC Life Member Richard Lyon, representing the North Berrien Senior Center in Coloma, entered a photograph in the Berrien County Youth Fair Photography Contest (age 60 and older) and won Second Place and Reserve Grand Champion ribbons.

 Congratulations Dick, way to go!
For those of you that don't know, Dick will be celebrating his 94th Birthday this year.  He joined the Twin City Camera Club in 1954.

The winning photograph

Richard Lyon - Point Betsy Light



North Pier Closed

North pier lighthouse rehabilitation underway

July 31, 2015 Photo by Tom McCall

The North Pier will be closed for the 12 to 15 weeks of construction.  Scaffolding is on the upper portion of the inner light.

Public access to the North pier and lighthouses is closed during the exterior and structural renovations to restore and preserve the historic lighthouses.


Check the City of St Joseph website, Latest News Section, for the North Pier Lighthouses Rehabilitation Update


We support the Lighthouse Forever Fund


Photo of the Month for the Year
2014 - 2015 Competition Season

The members have selected what they consider the best two (2) photos, a Black and White and a Color photograph, from all of the POM Winners that year, for the "Photo of the Month for the Year."

These are their selections.


Black & White

Bill Rothwell - Pictured Rocks Kayaker

Four cameras ago in 2009, I took this photo at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in northern Michigan.  Some friends and I were paddling our kayaks along the high cliffs of the shoreline when I noticed this cave-like bay.  In a tippy racing kayak, I outdistanced my friends, and paddled quickly into the dark depths of the bay.  There was a special quiet as I floated beneath the dripping overhangs of the cliffs.  The jagged, tree topped cliffs framed the bay beautifully.  As my friends appeared at the entrance to the bay, I captured the moment while dodging the constant drips from above.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 (point-and-shoot), Carl Zeiss lens, 7.2 megapixels.
100 ISO, 1/400, f/9.0




Dennis Hafer - The Enchanted Door

Saw the building from a bus on a trip last year to the Michigan City area and returned to the area in March of this year.

Photo taken March 2015, at the Brewery in Michigan City.  Camera: Canon 7D, Tamron 18-270mm. Exposure: 1/15 sec., f:11 at ISO 100.  Three exposures Raw processed in DxO Optics, before processing with Photomatix Pro Fusion.  Also used Photoshop and On1 Perfect Effects for stylizing.



TCCC 2014 - 2015


Have been posted to the Annual Competition Winners page:

The judging for the Annual Competition was held Saturday June 27, 2015

***Sorry, most of the Galleries are not available at this time***
(See the Special Announcement below)


Twin City Camera Club's 2015 - 2016 Select Subjects

The TCCC Board Members approved the Select Subjects for the  2015 - 2016 Competition Season.

Use this link to view or print the  Select Subjects 2015 - 2016


 *** Important change ***

Addition to the 2015 - 16 Select Subjects  

Many thanks to those of you that were able to attend Monday night's program meeting.  I hope it got your imagination stirred up and your creative juices flowing.  We try to keep the Select Subjects each season interesting, a little challenging, doable and most of all fun...   I think the selection process that is used now, where we get suggestions and input of the members attending the Annual Business Meeting in February, is working well and seems to be the best way of deciding on the next season's Select Subjects.

While working on preparing the select subject program for June, I discovered that there could be a problem with the December Select Subject of Fall Color.  The problem is that we overlooked how that would be as a Select Subject in Black & White.  Any of the B&W images would have to "suggest" the fall colors.  Although this could be done, I thought the judges might have a little problem with that.  So it was discussed at the program meeting on Monday and it was felt that a Black & White subject should be added.  I had researched some possibilities and suggested "Triple(s)" as a Black & White Select Subject for December. 

It would be defined like this, for December Black & White:  Triple(s)  The object that is the focus of attention in the image must be things that are in threes (3's), objects consisting of or involving three parts, seeing things in threes.

This was presented to the TCCC Board and has been approved, the Black & White Select Subject for December is "Triple(s). 

Select Subjects 2015 - 2016 Competition Season

September - The Color "Yellow" Black & White "Leading Lines"
October - "Something in the Garden"
November - "Song Titles"
December - Fall Color - Black & White "Triple(s)"
January - "Creative"
February - "Toys"
March - "Night Photos"
April - "Back Lighting"
May - "Reflections"
June - "Nature"


For those that were asking, the website where I found the examples for Song Titles was  Just go to the main page and type in the words "song titles" in the search box in the upper right.  


***Special Announcement***

NOTICE:  there is a problem in the Honor Photography Galleries.  You will be unable to enter the galleries except by using one of this Competition Season links.  Once in the galleries, the only ones available are the current 2014 - 2015 year.


Here is the 2015 April link:


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we have been unable to locate the cause of the problem.


Photo of the Month

Selected by the TCCC Members


June 2015 Photos


Black & White - Tie

Ken McKeown - Standing Tall

You do not need to travel far, fight bugs in the woods, or get down on your knees to obtain
this "nature" shot.  Photo taken at the corner of Hollywood Rd and Glenlord Road, the site
of Lakeland Medical buildings where a landscaper used a large "wildflower" planting
along the side of the building as an attractive look.  Since this was planted by a landscaper
I used the photo in open vs nature.

Used a tripod and naturally a Canon 7D with a 180 Canon macro lens at f18 for that
sharp photo, which their equipment is so noted.  Shot in low evening sunlight at 1/125 sec
and 400 ISO, converted to Black & White using topaz B&W filters.  Used classic B&W mode with
additional contrast for for a dramatic look.


Black & White - Tie

Will Hayes - Lotsa Hosta

The suspect hostas are located on the east end of our home in a planted area next to our
parking pad.  On a beautiful spring morning on the way to the car, the light was low and
excellent.  I am a sucker for light, shadows and angles; they all came together at that
moment.  The color picture came out very nice, some leaves glowing yellow and some in
shadow.  I boosted the color slightly in PS along with the contrast.  Still playing around, I
changed it to black and white, using the Topaz BW Effects 2 plug-in (I did not note the
specific settings).  I thought it was more striking and I am pleased you all liked it.  I shoot a
Nikon D5100.  That day I used my Tamron 18 to 270 mm lens (at 78 mm), f/8, 1/250th sec,
ISO 180.




Gary Huttenstine - Gulf Fritillary

I took this photo July 26, 2014 on my first visit to the Sarett Nature Center’s Butterfly
house.  It was shot with a Canon T5i, EF-S 18-135mm lens set at 135mm, f/6.3, 1/80, ISO
100.  Some cropping was applied and some color contrasting.  I chose this photo because
the eye and antenna were in clear focus as well as the angle and background of the subject
gave great contrast.  I also prefer to use photos that are good just out of the camera.


To see all of the current Season Photo of the Month selections go to the "Photo of the Month" and for Photos prior to the 2014 - 2015 Season go to the "Photo of the Month Archives" page.




These photos are special, because they are chosen by the TCCC members themselves.
Starting with March 2013, we are asking the members to select what they consider the best "Photo of the Month", a Color and a Black and White photograph, chosen from the Prints and Digital Slides Judged to be Honors in that months competition.

Which one would you pick?

Go to the Honor Image Galleries and see which ones you pick as the best, would these be your selections?

***Sorry, most of the Galleries are not available at this time***
(See the Special Announcement above)


Dues. Dues.. Dues...

It's that time of the year again.  Membership Dues need to be paid.

Annual Dues are $30 for an individual or $45 for Two (2) adults in the same household.  Please complete the renewal form and return it with your payment.  You can pay Ted Post, cash or check, at the meeting.

Everyone needs to submit a Membership Renewal form so that we can update the Membership roster.

  - Use this link to print out the renewal form.


Please email the information about Activities or Events that could be announced here.

Thanks,  webmaster.


Keep those shutters clicking!




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