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The Sunset Coast of

Michigan's Great Southwest





It's our love of photography that let's us see normal things in an extraordinary way.

It's the fruit harvest season in Southwest Michigan...


October is Photographer Appreciation Month

(((Hug a photographer!)))

Share your Love of Photography

We Do !

National Photography Appreciation Month is celebrated worldwide October 1st to 31st.  It is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the wonderful work of all photographers. 

Photography, what does it mean to you?

Maybe it's a way to capture current events or to share moments in time that would otherwise be lost forever.  It could be about documenting your journey through life.  Then there is the preservation of times and places so you are able to relive them in memories.

Photography, by its very nature and in its own way, captures immortality of people, places and things.
It can provide a visual path to moments in time that will revive memories to help us to stay in touch with the past.  When you take a picture with whatever you use for a camera, you capture a moment in history and in doing so, capture a memory.

J. Nicephore Niepce produced the first permanent image (Heliograph or Heliogravure) using a camera obscura and white bitumen.  It required 8 hours to expose.  The image was sold in 2002 to the French National Library for $392,000.   World's oldest photo sold to library

To learn more about the History of Photography check out one of the TCCC History pages:

A Brief Timeline of the Technology of Photography

The members of the Twin City Camera Club celebrate anyone who has ever taken a photograph.

We're here to "To encourage and develop an interest in photography."

It's all about photography and having fun.


Support Your Local Photographer!


Thank you for everything you do.



Within the next few weeks:


Monday October 24th 7:30 pm.

Twin City Camera Club's

Program Night

Barry Nelson will be presenting his program “An African Safari.”


TCCC Member Barry Nelson will be presenting a program on an African Safari into the East African country of Tanzania.  It will be a journey through the National Parks of Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and also the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  Barry will be sharing his experiences, where he saw a great variety of wildlife, scenery and some of the local culture. 

The Tarangire National Park, is where the migratory animals, including elephants, travel.  It's here in the dry season (June-November) where the only source of water is the river, so a great variety of animals come here by the hundreds and as always, they're followed by predators. 
One notable event, that occurred in the middle of the night, was a little to close for comfort for Barry and his wife Carol. 

Barry and Carol even got to see some of the animals and scenery, in one part of the Serengeti, from a hot air balloon.  Traveling between the National Parks took them through some of the small towns and villages.  Barry said they were able to see what it was like as the local people went about their daily lives.  In one, they were able to tour an elementary school and also a banana, avocado plantation. 

Barry said the entire Safari was a trip of a lifetime and that it far exceeded his expectations. 
He hopes that it will do the same for you.

Come join us as we travel with Barry and Carol through Tanzania, see the wildlife in the National Parks, visit a native village and even get see some of the animals from a Hot Air Balloon.


For more photos and information see the Program Information page.



Friday October 28th

Twin City Camera Club's

Annual Awards Banquet

Friday October 28th. at the Vineland Center

1155 Vineland Rd St Joseph, MI 49085

Social hour 6:00 pm.  Dinner at 7:00 pm (RSVP)

This is a special time for the members to get together, to enjoy lots of award winning prints on display, see a wonderful slide show, share some good fellowship, enjoy Chef Don's delicious meal and to acknowledge and congratulate the Top Winning members for their successes...

Hope to see you there...

Get your reservations in now to Ted Post

To see the map and get directions, use this link: Vineland Center


Dues. Dues.. Dues...

It's that time of the year again.  Membership Dues need to be paid.

Annual Dues are $30 for an individual or $45 for Two (2) adults in the same household.  Please complete the renewal form and return it with your payment.  You can pay Ted Post, cash or check, at the meeting.

Everyone needs to submit a Membership Renewal form so that we can update the Membership roster.

  - Use this link to print out the renewal form.


Photo of the Month

Selections are now OPEN for the October Photo of the Month.  The October
Honors are on the current
page.  Select One (1) Black & White and One (1) Color photo and get your votes in...  Send your picks to:

 Thank You for your votes!


Photo of the Month

Selected by the TCCC Members


September 2016 Photos


Black & White

Dennis Hafer - Pop-up Pepper

Pop-up Pepper was taken by dropping a yellow pepper in a water filled aquarium.  A flash was the only light source.  The image was then flipped vertically in Photoshop after processing.

The color image was processed in Photoshop using NIK Silver Efex Pro 2 for the black & white conversion.
Canon EOS 7D with a EF 17-35mm f/2.8L lens at 31mm.  Exposure: ISO 320, 1/160sec at f/22.



Jim Lynch - Landing in Color


Landing in Color was taken at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary in Augusta, MI.
I like to go to Kellogg in the fall of the year when there are more birds and the fall color reflections are in the water.

There was a little cropping and some use of Levels in Photoshop.
Canon 7D with a 100-400mm Canon lens, ISO of 400


Photo of the Month

These photos are special, because they are chosen by the TCCC members themselves.
Starting with March 2013, we began asking the members to select what they consider the best "Photo of the Month", a Color and a Black and White photograph, chosen from the Prints and Digital Slides that were judged to be Honors in the monthly competitions.

Which one would you pick?

Go to the Monthly Honors page and see which ones you would pick as the best, would these be your selections?

Use this link:  

To see all of the current Season Photo of the Month selections go to the "Photo of the Month" and for Photos prior to the 2016 - 2017 Season go to the "Photo of the Month Archives" page.



Photo of the Month for the Year
2015 - 2016 Competition Season

The members have selected what they consider the best two (2) photos, a Black and White and a Color photograph, from all of the POM Winners that year, for the "Photo of the Month for the Year."

These are their selections.



Black & White

Maria Pelaez - Once upon a time

I created this image in Photoshop by combining four pictures taken with a Nikon D90, a 35 mm and a 18-135 mm lenses.

The picture of the tree was taken here in St. Joseph seven years ago, I thought it was a beautiful tree and needed to capture it.  Looking at my pictures I was trying to find an idea and discovered this tree was perfect to create something.  I was surrounded by books and decided it was a good idea to try the concept of a fairy tale..

After some time, I discovered a coherent perspective that allowed me to capture the right picture of the book using only natural light.

All of the pictures were stacked, desaturated and finally, added some tone.  The background of the tree was erased by using layers and a soft brush, then the clouds were blended in. Small birds were added in different sizes to get a balanced composition.



Spencer Hughes - Beach Chairs

Beach Chairs, was taken in Panama City, Florida.  We'd spent a week there on vacation, this was the last evening and I hadn't touched my camera all week.  So after forcing myself out of the pool, I grabbed my Canon T3i, and Sigma 10-20mm f3.5.  I arrived just before sunset and had moments to set up my shot, which admittedly included moving all the seat backs to the same level.

Processing was done in Lightroom.  Making adjustments to exposure with a graduated filter, adjusting the contrast and color.



The North pier lighthouse rehabilitation is completed.

North Pier is now OPEN to the public.

The work is said to be completed and they are now conducting tours of the lighthouses.


This photo was taken on July 31, 2015, by Tom McCall, at the start of the construction.


This photo shows the work nearly completed on April 24, 2016.


Let's see what they look like now...

All of the following photos were taken on June 3, 2016

 The fencing and construction equipment is gone.  The catwalk is freshly painted and mid-way
down the catwalk you can see electrical conduit come up out of the pavement and is fastened to the
catwalk structure out to the inner lighthouse. 

The inner lighthouse now has visible windows and they've added a large smoke stack.

The inner lighthouse looks good in it's new paint.

A tour group is seen entering the inner lighthouse.


The people now have access to the upper levels and you can
see that the wooden planks that were part of the catwalk have not been replaced.

You can see another new addition on the West side of the inner lighthouse,
there is now what appears to be some type of large whistle looking device.
Maybe it's fog signaling device.  It used to have Two (2) fog horns above the whistle device, in the white area near the porthole, that were removed some years ago.  I took photographs of it during the 1960's that you can see the fog horns.  They were really loud, I could hear them 3 miles away.

The outer lighthouse looks good and appears to have been straightened during the restoration project.
It had a little bit of a lean to it before the construction and now it looks straight.


Here they're showing the tour group the lantern room at the top of the inner lighthouse. 
The Fresnel lenses have been removed from both of the lighthouses.

 The Heritage Museum & Cultural Center is now offering scheduled public St. Joe Lighthouse Tours this summer.  Contact the Heritage Museum & Cultural Center at (269) 983-1191.  Or go online to or for more information.


Check the City of St Joseph website

We support the Lighthouse Forever Fund


Twin City Camera Club's 2016 - 17 and 2017 - 18  Select Subjects

On March 7th. the TCCC Board approved the Select Subjects for the next two (2) Competition Seasons.

We want to express our thanks to all of the members that attended the Annual Business meeting and for their assistance in developing the Select Subjects.  We hope you enjoy searching out and photographing them and we wish you all the very best in the upcoming competitions. 

Be sure to read the Descriptions so that your entries comply with the requirements of the Select Subjects.

 Select Subjects for 2016 - 17

 Select Subjects for 2017 - 18


Select Subjects 2016 - 2017 Competition Season
OCTOBER – Barriers
NOVEMBER – Shadows
DECEMBER – Food & Drink
JANUARY – Creative
FEBRUARY – Blue/ B&W Angles
MARCH – Smoke/Fog/Mist
APRIL – Floating Things
MAY – Song Titles
JUNE – Nature

Select Subjects 2017 - 2018 Competition Season
SEPTEMBER – Churches
OCTOBER – Close-up/Macro
NOVEMBER – Long Exposure 2 seconds or more
DECEMBER – Graveyards
JANUARY – Creative
FEBRUARY – Red/ B&W Patterns
MARCH – Festivals
APRIL– Below the Knee
MAY – Portraits
JUNE – Nature


We plan on having workshops to assist the members in developing their skills to better prepare themselves in photographing some of the Select Subjects.  So please let us know which ones you would like us to cover.


If you have questions or need clarification on any of the Select Subjects, please call me.  269-983-5986



Please email the information about Activities or Events that could be announced here.

Thanks,  webmaster.


Keep those shutters clicking!




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